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Vision Statement

Working in partnership with all system stakeholders, we envision building a community of peers that embrace recovery and demonstrate resiliency within a culture of dignity and tolerance.


Mission Statement

Families, youth, and children living in Northeast Washington and facing mental health challenges are welcome at Passages, a peer support organization that strives to form healthy partnerships with clients by providing recovery-based support services, coordination of care, classes, and advocacy.

Please contact us for more information. Language assistance is available for anyone either in, or seeking our services. It’s available in any language requested, at no cost to the individual.


Phone our office: (509) 892-9241
FAX our office: (509) 892-9251

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About Passages

Our goals: 

A. To support individuals and families dealing with complex mental health issues with their recovery journey.

B. To help families and individuals accessing public mental health services to understand current issues and changes in mental health care systems, and how these changes impact services.

C. To provide individuals and families  with training, resources and supportive systems to enable them to maximize positive outcomes.

D. To inform and educate individuals, families, educators, researchers, mental health providers, and state and national policymakers about mental health issues related to children and youth.


The population we serve:

Adults, youth, and primary caregivers of children/adolescents enrolled in the Spokane County Regional Support Network

Passages Family Support provides peer support and case management services to individuals and families receiving services in the Spokane County public mental health system.

Certified Peer Counselors provide individuals and families with strength-based services that facilitate the recovery process.


RSN Funded Services:

*Individual Peer Support Services

*Intensive Case Management

*Weekly Support Groups

*Educational Workshops

*Individual Advocacy

*In-home counseling

*Facilitation of Wraparound Teams

*Emergency Financial Support


The 10 Fundamental Components of Recovery


Board of Directors

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