Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT)

Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT) is a voluntary, team-based behavioral health service that connects you with a team of peer specialists, nurses, and therapists. There is also a prescriber available and if you prefer, you can work with your own prescriber. These teams are designed to serve people discharging or diverting from state hospitals to residential facilities, that need extra support. These teams will be the primary behavioral health provider and will provide services 5 days a week for 10 hours a day to support individuals throughout the day. They will also make arrangements with after hour’s services to support individuals when the team is not available. These teams will work with local crisis services to ensure individuals are supported and also debrief individuals after any crisis contact. Intensive Residential Teams may be able to provide extra support needed to make these changes more comfortable and successful

Support from a Multi-Disciplinary Team

  • Medication Management – ARNP
  • Medication Monitoring – RN
  • Therapy – Master Level Therapist
  • Peer Support – CPC

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Molina Health Homes (MHH)

Molina Health Home is a set of services to support Molina enrollees who have serious chronic conditions and more than one medical or behavioral health need. Health Home Services are managed through Molina or a care coordination agency with the help of care coordinators. 

The Health Home Program can help you:

  • Make appointments
  • Coordinate with multiple providers
  • Find helpful community resources
  • Get social service assistance

If you think MHH may be of benefit to you, please contact your Molina Care Coordinator.

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