Supported Housing

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Supported Housing

  • Helps you find an affordable apartment where you want to live.
  • Helps you move into your own apartment.
  • Helps you keep housing by: – Supporting your goals. – Helping you build skills for success. – Connecting you to community resources related to your goals.
  • Provides access to specialized support staff.
  • Is an optional service: you choose to participate.

Supported Housing provides you with housing choice; You choose your own neighborhood and the apartment you’d like to live in based on availability.

Supported Housing works with you to identify barriers preventing you from living independently or with supports to help you build skills that assist you to maintain your housing.

Supported Housing staff help you learn more about and participate in your community, whether it’s activities, employment, worship – you decide! You will have access to staff who can help problem solve and provide supports for success.

The Supported Housing service recognizes that setbacks happen and we will support you through them if and when they occur. Participation is not linked to clinical treatment, sobriety, or abstinence.

Interested individuals should contact a supported housing or supported employment specialist at Passages.

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