Peer Support in a Homelike Setting

What is Termonn Peer Respite?

Termonn Peer Respite is a recovery based voluntary outpatient program that provides peer-based crisis support services in a homelike setting for individuals experiencing emotional distress. Peer Respite works with individuals to help them maintain and move forward with their recovery. Individuals who enroll with Peer Respite are referred to as guests. The maximum length of stay is seven (7) days within a 30-day period. The intent of Peer Respite is to provide peer driven stabilization services to help individuals avoid higher levels of behavioral health care such as hospitalization.

What are the Admission Criteria?

Peer Respite services are voluntary and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to individuals aged 18 an older who reside in Spokane, Stevens, Pend Oreille, Adams, Ferry, or Lincoln County. Individuals must be psychiatrically and medically stable and Medicaid enrolled/eligible or non-Medicaid individuals living between 139%-220% of the federal poverty level.

What Happens at a Peer Respite?

Potential guests who are interested will be given a tour of the home and the program guidelines and expectations will be discussed. If the program is amenable to the potential guest, an abbreviated clinical intake will occur, and the guest will be assigned to their own private suite that consists of a bedroom and a bathroom. The house has a fully equipped kitchen and laundry room. There is a great room with a TV, books, and games available. There is also covered patio that is adjacent to a backyard retreat area including a designated smoking area.

What Type of Support is Available?

Peer support will be available to guests through individual one-on-one support or guests can participate in peer groups that occur throughout the week at the Passages’ primary building. Guest may also choose to have help with linkage to additional resources in the community.

What is Expected of a Guest?

A complete set of expectations will be reviewed with potential guests and if agreeable, the guest will be asked to sign a guest agreement. For a complete list of guest expectations, please call our main office at: 509-892-9241.

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