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Passages’ clinical staff will help you navigate mental health challenges and life stress by developing a therapeutic relationship grounded in the belief that recovery from serious mental health challenges can and does occur.  Passages’ therapeutic services are based on the principles of recovery, which include respect, hope, individualized service plans, strengths, self-determination, non-linear healing, empowerment, peer support and responsibility.

Passages offers therapy, care coordination, peer support services, and both therapeutic and peer led groups. Some of our services are offered in-home and some are offered in-community. Please contact us for more information.

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Youth Services We Offer:

Youth Peer Support

Youth meet one-on-one with someone who has experienced similar challenges. Meetings are informal—you might play hoops or play a board game—with a focus on listening, sharing, coping skills, and strategies for success. It’s a time to talk with someone who cares, understands and takes you seriously.


Our Master’s level therapists will work one-on-one with you utilizing evidence-based interventions.   You will work hand-in-hand with your therapists to develop a Recovery Plan that will help you achieve your mental health goals. 

Care Coordination

CC services consist of assisting an enrolled child’s family or a youth, who is struggling with complex mental health needs such as involvement in several systems (i.e., mental health /special-ed /legal system) or transitioning from institutional care by utilizing a wraparound approach to coordinating services and strengthening connections to natural supports and life in the community.

YOUth Group

YOUth group offers youth aged 13 and up the opportunity to connect with other youth in a place where everyone is welcome. Here they can build skills and share ideas on how to balance taking care of themselves, school, friends, and home life. Youth will have the freedom to participate in activities they enjoy both in the group setting and in the community. During this group youth will be offered the opportunity to engage in Life Skills workshops that highlight ways to prepare for adulthood or support young adults currently navigating their transition to adulthood.

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