Recovery Through the Arts

Often times in Passages’ Recovery through the Arts program, we have clients who have never expressed themselves through an artistic medium before, as in the case here of our most recent artist spotlight.
RTA opens those doors to expression. Clients often encounter profound healing, and a newfound love for painting, poetry, sculpture, and music. If you’d like to learn more about Passages RTA program please give us a call at 509-892-9241.

Recovery Through the Arts

Youth RTA

Youth RTAs is a youth group for Medicaid enrollees. Through participation in RTA, at-risk youth will learn to channel overwhelming and challenging emotions through the visual and performing arts, which will increase coping skills.

Adult RTA

Through participation in Adult RTA, adults can learn to channel overwhelming and challenging emotions by utilizing the visual and performing arts. This is an adult group for Medicaid eligible enrollees.

Watch this short video about RTA >

Priscilla Barnett


Recovery Through the Arts Instructor

Priscilla Barnett is an accomplished artist who obtained her BFA at Parsons School of Design. She has shown her work in galleries from New York to Alaska.

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